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Maintenance and Repair Day

The Maintenance and repair day in France aims at encouraging citizens to take better care of their appliances.

GIFAM's (Interprofessional Group of Household Equipment Manufacturers) event has turned into a nice tradition during which people are invited

to bring their cooking, laundry care and small appliances and get them fixed by the repairmen.

How does a device work? What should be monitored regularly? What should we clean frequently? What should we absolutely avoid doing?

The answers are given by the experts. Do not miss the edition of the year.

According to GIFAM, French citizens need to improve the way they maintain appliances as this is an effective way to avoid many breakdowns. 

The fact that almost 40% of the consumers in France do not have their devices repaired, have motivated the association to produce a series of guides, explaining how to choose, maintain, repair and recycle appliances.

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